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Zhiyan Mold has combined proven past techniques with leading edge engineering and the latest available production technology to offer unique solutions for manufacturing difficult and custom various molding in a wide variety of industries, including the medical, commercial, aerospace, industrial and optical.

  • A Set Of Connector Mold

    A Set Of Connector Mold

    Tolerance : ±0.001mm Roundness: 0.001mm Concentricity: 0.002mm Hardness: 54-60 HRC Grinding Accuracy: 0.002-0.000 mm Discharge Accuracy:...

  • Connector Mold Parts

    Connector Mold Parts

    Tolerance : ±0.001mm Roundness : 0.001mm Concentricity : 0.002mm Hardness : 54-60 HRC Grinding Accuracy : 0.002-0.000 mm Discharge Accuracy :...

  • Process EDM Wire Of SKD11 Material

    Process EDM Wire Of SKD11 Material

    SKD11 Tool Steel is used in the making of knife-edge mold, scissors, circular saw blades, metal stamping mold. Used to make cold work or hot work dressing...

  • Electrical Connector Mold Parts

    Electrical Connector Mold Parts

    Electrical Connector Mold Parts, Plastic Injection die parts, Auto Parts manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Connector Mould insert for Auto Part.

  • Connector Mould Components

    Connector Mould Components

    Plastic Injection Moulded Components Product Description About us Plastic Injection Moulded Components

  • Precision Mold Insert for Connectivity

    Precision Mold Insert for Connectivity

    Tolerance:±0.001mm, Roundness:0.001mm, Concentricity:0.002mm,
    Hardness:54-60 HRC, Grinding Accuracy:0.002-0.000 mm,


About Zhiyan

Established in 2003,Zhiyan Precision Mould Co.,Ltd specializes in producing high quality precision metal stamping molding,plastic injection molding machining,offering precision progressive die,mechanical machining and optical machining,especially with the strength of mold for connectors and accessories.Advanced equipments,excellent engineers,professional technicians and experienced workers promoted our sustainable development in the past fifteen years

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