A Set Of Connector Mold

A Set Of Connector Mold

Tolerance : ±0.001mm Roundness: 0.001mm Concentricity: 0.002mm Hardness: 54-60 HRC Grinding Accuracy: 0.002-0.000 mm Discharge Accuracy: ±0.003mm Grind Clear Anglemax: 0.02 Discharge Anglemax: 0.05 Grinding Finishra: 0.13 Discharge Finishra: 0.24-0.4 Wire Cutting FinishRa: 0.24-0.4

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Product Details

It`s a set of customized connector mold. We`re specializing in making connector mold, no matter it is a whole set or mold parts.

All the connector molds are with good quality, stablity, and long life span.

Precision enough can ensure your connector quality.

Connector is widely used in medical, communication, aviation, home appliance, transportation, network, IT ,etc. And connector is developing towards the direction of miniaturization, high density, high speed transmission and high frequency. Mold is called "mother of manufacturing" ,we are confident that we can meet the needs of connector manufacturers in the future by increasing our R & D investment.

Connector mold

Connector mold Connector Mold

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