Connector Mold Parts

Connector Mold Parts

Tolerance : ±0.001mm Roundness : 0.001mm Concentricity : 0.002mm Hardness : 54-60 HRC Grinding Accuracy : 0.002-0.000 mm Discharge Accuracy : ±0.003mm Grind Clear Anglemax : 0.02 Discharge Anglemax : 0.05 Grinding Finishra : 0.13 Discharge Finishra : 0.24~0.4 Wire Cutting FinishRa : 0.24~0.4

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Product Details

Precision connector involves many aspects such as product design, process technology and quality control technology, the main technology includes the following aspects:

(1) precision mold processing technology: Using CAD, Cam and other technologies, introduce high-precision processing equipment in the industry, the use of personnel production experience and advanced equipment technology to achieve high-precision mold products.

(2) precision stamping and precision injection molding technology: To achieve all-round control of precision, efficiency and stablity, and  perfect surface quality in all kinds of stamping parts and injection molding parts, so that to ensure product quality.

(3) automatic assembly technology: through the application of precision control technology and semi-automatic detector technology, the difficult problems of manual operation for precision products can be overcome, and the core competitiveness can be improved.

Above the three points, precision mold is the key one. As we all know, "molds are the mother of manufacturing".

Zhiyan will go on strengthing our R&D, and sparing no efforts to lead the development of precision mold for precision connectors.

Connector mold

Connector moldConnector mold

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