Precision Mold Insert for Connectivity

Precision Mold Insert for Connectivity

Tolerance:±0.001mm, Roundness:0.001mm, Concentricity:0.002mm,
Hardness:54-60 HRC, Grinding Accuracy:0.002-0.000 mm,
Discharge Accuracy:±0.003mm, Grind Clear Anglemax:=0.02,
Discharge Anglemax=0.05, Grinding Finishra =0.13,
Discharge Finishra:=0.24-0.4, Wire Cutting FinishRa:=0.24-0.4.

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Precision mold insert for Connectivity

Precision Mold Insert For Connectivity

Some connector seems prefer a insertion, such as earphone connectivity. Meanwhile, the mold to make insertion or groove is connector mold insert. It must be with high precision. Some the head of mold are slender, they are doomed to be flimsy, and are always be tested and carried carefully plus carefully. 

Ordinary Processing Technology

CNC lathe processing, Milling machine, Grinding machine, Vacuum heat treatment, Unintentional grinding, Surface Grinding, Internal and external grinding, Precision Grinding.


Precision Auto Mold Insert Material

In accordance with customer requirements and international quality standards, we will ship  material certificate follow the related mold parts.

Precision Auto Mold Insert Delivery Time

 Lead time:2~3 weeks for special products and 3~5 weeks for normal

Mode of transport

International express, Such as DHL, FedEx, TNT and so on….

Precision Auto Mold Insert Package

A very good package is to avoid damage.

Payment Method

T/T,30% deposit,70% balance before shipment. Other payment terms are also negotiable.

Precision Auto Mold Insert Quality Assurance

We`ll take full inspection so that to avoid sending out unqualified products. For any quality complains, we will hold a meeting with production,purchasing and packaging depts. in 24 hours, and will response in 48 hours with feedback and solution.201711051852375984008.jpg

If mold with hot runner, the mold key advantages showed below:

1. Clamping pressure can be lower

2. Cooling time reduction

3. Cycle time reduction

4. Energy consumption lowered

5. Injection pressure can be lower

6. Injection process is cleaner

7. Injection gate are on better locations

8. Labor cost for removing the part from the mold and separating runner scrap from the part is eliminated.

9. Output increased

10. Overall profitability increased

11. Less possibility of contamination

12. Possibility of producing the parts using small injection machines

13. Problems on nozzle freeze or sprue sticking are eliminated

14. Production costs are lowered

15. Production steps are shortened

16.quality of the plastic part is better

17. Regrinding is eliminated

18. Resin costs are lowered

19. Runner scrap eliminated or reduced

20. Runner weight reduces shot size


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