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How to decrease the cost of buying mold efficiently
- Dec 13, 2018 -

For cost control, first of all, acquire the expected order quantity of a new product from the market department, is it huge?

connector mold

In the period of development and evaluation of the new product, if the expected order quantity doesn`t reach more than 500,000pcs(sets), buy "soft mold" directly, that is test mold we usually called. Since soft mold cost is lower, if the market performance of the product is not good enough, then it could save some cost which in buying "hard mold" is necessary.

die mold

If the product market is expanded in next period, and demand increases rapidly, it is possible to buy a second set mold in any time, that is ”duplicate mold”, when making the first. There is no any influence on product manufacturing and delivery. Besides, one more obvious advantage is, mold factory can conclude the experience on design and manufacturing in the process of the first set mold and apply them to the improvement of the second set mold. For this point, even if you don`t ask, mold factory will no doubt take the initiative to do, because they will be not only fewer detours, but also make duplicate mold tend to delicate and perfect.

precision mold

Conversely, if you are not known about expected order quantity of product, and buy “hard mold" or dies for production at the beginning of the product project, then it will increase your cost by at least 1/3. In addition, the mold cost should be taken into account in the period of project design, for example, the steel material with S136 as mold core and the fine nozzle die will increase the mold cost to some extent. Unless the product is a high-quality requirement or the customer specifies which materials and process to use.