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Maintenance of Mould
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Die long time after use must be grinding the edge, after grinding the edge must be demagnetization, can not be magnetic, or prone to plugging material. Mold Use enterprises to do detailed records, statistics its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, anti-rust) and damage, according to which parts, components have been damaged, the degree of wear and tear to provide information to find and solve the problem, as well as the mold molding process parameters, products used in order to shorten the commissioning time of the mold, improve production efficiency. Should be in the injection molding machine, the normal operation of the mold, testing the various performance of the mold, and the final molded plastic parts size measurement, through this information to determine the existing state of the mold, to find the cavity, core, cooling system and the breakdown of the fractal surface, according to the information provided by the plastic parts, you can determine the mold damage status and maintenance measures. Spring, such as elastic parts in the use of the most easily damaged spring, usually a fracture and deformation phenomenon. The method is to replace, in the replacement process must pay attention to the spring specifications and models, the spring specifications and models by color, diameter and length of three items to confirm, only in three items are the same case can be replaced. The quality of the spring is better.