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Manufacture and inspection of moulds
- Jun 13, 2017 -

The control of the raw material of the mould is carried out from the following aspects: 1, macroscopic test: chemical composition to ensure that the performance of steel is decisive, but the composition of qualified, can not fully explain the performance of steel, due to the internal structure and composition of steel, macro-testing to a large extent, supplemented by this deficiency. Macroscopic test can observe the crystallization of steel, the failure of continuous steel and the inhomogeneity of some components. Standard "structural steel Macrostructure defect Rating Map" GB1979 macro common 8 kinds of defects: segregation, looseness, inclusion, shrinkage, bubble, white spot, crack, folding. Annealing Organization Evaluation: The purpose of annealing, reduce the hardness of steel, easy to machine processing, but also for the subsequent preparation of heat treatment organization. Carbon tool steel annealing organization according to GB1298 first grade rating map. Carbide inhomogeneity: Cr12 type of Laigang steel, the microstructure contains a lot of eutectic carbide, carbide inhomogeneity has a very important effect on the performance, so the distribution of its carbide must have strict control.