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Stamping die Precision industry momentum Strong development
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Professionals said that in recent years, the advanced precision stamping die The overall level of upgrading quickly, the mold level of technology, manufacturing accuracy, service life and manufacturing cycle performance indicators have been significantly improved, a large number of high-grade high-quality molds have reached or close to the international level of similar mold. such as Gree Big Gold Mold Co., Ltd. production of air conditioner fin progressive die up to 500 million times, production scale and technology development in the domestic leading position. Developed by 0.4mm Spacing high-precision micro-connector progressive die manufacturing accuracy of up to 0.5, the smallest convex die 0.13mm Direct grinding to achieve the mirror, to ensure that the workpiece of the most detailed pin 0.17mm, bending accuracy 0.01mm and S-bend, etc. high precision requirements. SHENZHEN, a motor mold company production of motor iron core automatic laminated progressive die, the service life of up to 150 million Chong times, technical level and lamination technology, etc. have been close to the advanced level of similar molds abroad. Developed by 0.5m diameter in 400 tons of high-speed punching machine production of large-scale iron chip progressive die, 0.88m Square Iron chip with 90 rotating large-scale precision tile composite die and 1.2m diameter fixed rotor plate of large precision die and other specialized production level and ability in the domestic leading position.

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