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Which Kind of Mould Factory is Better to Choose?
- Dec 07, 2018 -

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When developing a new product, and ready to deisgn the mold to produce mass production and put new product into market, it is very important to choose an appropriate mold supplier. After all, mold is the mother of industry, and an exquisite mold can help to produce quality products, reduce production costs, extend mold life span, and create good revenue.

So which kind of mould factory cooperation is better to choose?

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At present, there are many foreign-funded, taiwanese-funded, Hong kong-funded and private mould factories available in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. The comparisons on advantages and disadvantages of various mould factories and suggestions are as follows:

1. Foreign Invested Mould Factory

Advantages: standard management, perfect process, strong sense of service, guaranteed quality and service.

Disadvantages: these characteristics also determine the cost, meaning that the cost of mold will be relatively higher.

Advice: if you focus on product quality, and your company has a strong financial strength, it would be your first consideration to choose a large-scale foreign invested mould factory.

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2. Hong Kong/Taiwan Invested Mould Factory

Advantages: benefited from the factors that, Hong Kong/Taiwan started their industries earlier and Hong Kong/Taiwan influenced from foreign capital earlier than mainland China, now their standardized management and design concept are relatively close to foreign invested enterprises from Japan, Europe and United States. Besides, the price is moderate.

Disadvantages: on-site process guidance documents and staffing is not full than foreign-invested mold factories, and there is not enough on quality and service comparing with foreign-invested mould factories.

Advice: Take an objective assessment on mold and product needs before a reasonable choice, and request supplier to improve the shortcomings before cooperation.

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3. Private Mould Factory Invested By Mainland Chinese

Advantages: Low cost of materials and goods sold,the quotation on mold prices is absolutely cheaper than foreign, Taiwan and Hong Kong invested enterprises. Due to the high cost-performance, it won the favor of many mold buyers. Some enterprises developed rapidly, reached a high level on hardware equipment, management process, design idea, business concepts and quality consciousness, and generated a number of excellent PRECISION mould enterprises.

Disadvantages: some small private mold factory or processing workshop choose to buy processing equipment of which the performance and accuracy is not high enough, or purchase second-hand equipment and inferior materials to make mold, it leads the products can`t meet the requirements of customers on mold design reasonability, processing accuracy, life span and product reliability.

Advice: More supplier background analysis, to acknowledge whether factory has the relevant certification qualifications, official website,etc. , so that to avoid choosing small factory or workshop.