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Which Scale of Mould Company is Better to Choose?
- Dec 10, 2018 -

Large, medium or small scale? Actually the choice depends on the situation. Regarding scale only, many people will think that the larger the better, because it means strength and complete equipment.The scale can also indirectly reflects the degree of will by customers. But on the other hand, the larger the scale, the more difficulty to accept its high price.

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It is very important that you are regarded as an important customer by the mould factory you choose. In fact, it is just as important to find a supplier as it is to find a marriage partner. If your enterprise is not strong enough, and purchasing qty is not much, sometimes large scale mold factory will not treat you seriously even if you cooperate with them insistently. In fact many factories hold this attitude when facing small order or paying no attention, because either your order qty or order amount can not reach to their minimum requirements.

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In this case, most buyer will choose small and medium-scaled mold factory, after all, both price and service are more acceptable, also you can have a good report to your boss. But soon you will find the worrying thing is again coming: can the mold be finished on time and with good quality? How is the capacity? How is the mold life span?

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Here, we suggest that you must pay attention to the basic knowledge, that is, we must choose manufacturer which with a complete set of equipment, on the other word, " Small as the sparrow is, but it has all the vital organs". That is to say, it must have the necessary equipment such as CNC machining center, EDM mirror spark machine, high-speed and high-precision injection molding machine, three-dimensional and two-dimensional measuring instrument, etc. Be Sure to use this as the key in your evaluation and eventual choice. Because the absence of such equipment means that factory need to seek out-sourcing in the mould manufacturing process, which will cause three main negative consequences:

1. It increases the mold cost;

2. It takes some time to communicate & coordinate, and transfer workpiece , this will lengthen the LT, the delivery is likely delayed. While, once it happens, the loss of temporary and long terms development for buyer`s company could not be eliminated by fine, even if fine exists in contract. Also, the buyer becomes anxious, and face the possible scolding from boss, that would be really embarrassed.

3. Most pernicious of all, mold factory is unable to monitor the entire out-sourcing process. Those who undertake processing are often smaller-scale workshops with only one or two second-hand equipment than mold factories. Many good-looking mold is out of shape ,or scrapped before life span, or not even product mass production due to careless processing, brutal operation, repeated welding in workshop. Of course, there are now a number of workshops developing toward in the direction of precision processing.