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Design Elements Of Plastic Mould
- Jun 13, 2017 -

The structural elements to be considered in the design of plastic mould are: Shan-type surface, i.e. the contact surface of the concave die and the convex die when the die is closed. Its position and form of selection, affected by the shape and appearance of products, wall thickness, molding methods, post-processing technology, mold type and structure, demoulding methods and molding machine structure and other factors. Shan structural parts, namely the slippery block of the complex mould, the slanting top, the straight top block and so on. The design of the structure is very important, which relates to the life of the die, the processing cycle, the cost, the product quality, so the design of the complex die core structure has higher requirements for the designer's comprehensive ability, and pursues the simpler, more durable and economical design plan as far as possible. Shan die precision, that is, avoiding cards, fine positioning, guide pillars, positioning pins and so on. Positioning system is related to product appearance quality, mold quality and life, according to different mold structure, choose different positioning mode, positioning accuracy control mainly rely on processing, the internal mold positioning is the designer to fully consider, design a more reasonable and easy to adjust positioning mode.