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Injection Mould
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Injection mold processing is the first plastic into the mold, the mold then rotates along the two vertical shafts and heats it, and the plastic in the mold, under the action of gravity and heat, gradually spreads evenly over the entire surface of the mold cavity, forming the desired shape for cooling stereotypes. Rotational molding process and traditional blow molding, injection molding technology has the following advantages: 1, cost advantage: Rotational molding process requires only the strength of the rack to support the material, the weight of the mould and the frame itself to prevent the leakage of material, and the material in the whole molding process, in addition to the role of natural gravity, almost without any external forces, thus fully equipped with the machine mold manufacturing convenience, short cycle, low-cost advantages. 2. Quality advantage. The product quality and structure are more stable during the whole production process due to the absence of internal stress. 3. Flexible and changeable advantages. Roll molding process of machine mold manufacturing convenience, low prices, it is particularly suitable for new product development in many varieties, small batch production. 4, personalized design advantages. Rotational Molding process products are very easy to transform the color, and can be done hollow (seamless welding), in the product surface treatment can be done with patterns, wood, stone and metal effect, to meet the modern consumer demand for goods personalized.