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New Trend Of Mould Technology Development In China
- Jun 13, 2017 -

In the past two years, China's domestic mold technology has been a rapid progress, the main performance is: Mold integration manufacturing unit and technology popularization, commercial internet to mold and its industrial chain extension; 3D printing in the mold manufacturing of the wide application of the intelligent, lightweight new materials and large-scale plastic mold of the emergence and optimization of large-scale progressive stamping die technology, with the refinement of standard parts and so on. (1) Mold integration manufacturing unit and the popularization of technology. In addition to the mold with automatic feeding, stamping forming, lamination measurement, thickness grouping, iron core combination and product output, hinge assembly and other functions, there are complex motion structure, mold heating, forging, local heat (organization) control, mold welding, tapping, local injection molding, die-cutting, in-mold detection process combination process. Particularly noteworthy is the appearance of the show on the plastic parts in the mold, boron steel plate in the mold, and the motor pen iron core of the variable blade blanking and other new technologies to create a new era of Mold integration manufacturing unit. Mold products continue to large-scale, precision, high-performance, integrated manufacturing unit direction. (2) The commercial Internet extends to the mould and its industrial chain. At present, many mold processing equipment enterprises have docking the Internet, and actively create "mold manufacturing + internet" mode, and strongly promote the mold industry transformation and upgrading.