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Optical Precision Parts CNC Machining
- Mar 03, 2018 -

Product Description

  • Model NO.: JT-J070

  • Raw Material: Stainless Steel/ Custom

  • Type: Non-Standard Machining Parts

  • Certificate: ISO9001/ ISO-Ts16949

  • Tolerance of Plastic Part: +/-0.01mm

  • Delivery Time: 10-30days

  • Specification: CE/ FROM A/ SGS

  • Size: Customized

  • Plating: None

  • Application: Mechanical Parts

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

  • Tolerance of Metal Part: +/-0.005mm

  • Trademark: JT/ OEM brand

  • Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong

The highest tolerance can be in ± 0.0005mm!

If you need the sample, please kindly provide your drawings to us. We will offer sample testing report for your confirmation before we send the sample. The report will write all actual size what we have done, so you can check the size, if the actual size doesn't meet your tolerance, we will re-make sample. Only getting your agreement, we will send a sample to you! So that, you will never worry about receiving the bad sample, because you can control the quality!

Please kindly find our production equipment list, we welcome you to visit our factory and check our equipment!

What can we do?
Our products are widely used for hardware, plastics, electric products, medical equipment, optical communication, automobile and machinery etc of an industry. And experience in processing all kinds of materials, such as AL6061/7075, KOVAR, 17-4PH, ESD225/420, DERLIN, S136H, SS440C, SKD11/SKH51, ceramic, Carbide, SUS303/304, PEEK and so on. Besides, we provide some specific processing like specific hot-processing, specific electroplating, specific surface finish etc. Such as optical grinding, honing, precision EDM special-shaped processing, carburization, nitriding, vacuum heat treatment, low temperatures processing, hard anodizing for Aluminum parts, steel bluing, electrolytic polishing, electroless nickel plating, silver plating, gold plating, DLC, titanate, black chromium plating.

What can we do for you?

Pre-sale service:
We will arrange a professional salesman for dealing with your technical requirements and precision requirements, and then according to product drawing and our factory production capacity, we will offer you a most competitive price based on the quickest and least cost ( if we can't offer the size in your need, we will inform you before offering. ), so that start to cooperate with you.

On-purchase service:
Once we reached the agreement and clear producing details, we will arrange an engineer for auditing the drawing and planning the production. In the producing, the production assistant will continually inform the salesman about production progress and quality information, ( during in this time, we will control quality strictly), and the salesman will inform all information to you, to ensure deliver goods on time and quality assured.

After-sales service:
Since the company began, we always understand every part is very important for the customer, even though lack one part or a bad product may make all system can't work well, so quality is life for us. Because all parts are precision, so it must be professional. Perhaps there are some bad products could be made, but according to customer's feedback, we will check the problem and remake them in time. At the same time, in order to avoid the bad products are made again, we will improve the way of producing.

More details about optical precision parts CNC machining, pls feel free to contact me.

                                                                       Equipment List
No. Equipment Origin  QTY Precision  Remark  1 Machine China(Guangzhou) 7 0.01mm  Φ300mm*750  2 CNC machine China(Guangzhou) 7 0.005mm   3 CNC machine Taiwan(ALEX-TECH) 6 0.003mm   4 CNC machine Japan(Miyano) 12 0.003mm   5 CNC machine(Milling complex) Taiwan(Huanghe) 1 0.003mm   6 CNC  five-axis machine center Japan (stars) 3 0.002mm SR-20J type c 8 CNC machine center Taiwan(XINDA) 6 0.005mm 1000mm*450mm 9 CNC machine center Taiwan(FLK) 2 0.005mm   10 CNC machine center Japan(Bother) 7 0.002-0.005 650mm*400mm 11 CNC machine center USA(HAAS) 5 0.002-0.005mm 650mm*400mm 12 CNC machine center China(QIND) 13 0.002-0.005mm 650mm*400mm 14 milling machine China(Honghe) 10 0.01mm   15 milling machine China(Jiayang) 10 0.01mm   16 milling machine Taiwan(GENTIGER) 6 0.005mm   17 WAIDA brand optical contour grinder  Japan 2 0.002mm   18 surface grinder Taiwan(Wangpan) 26 0.002mm 370mm*160mm 19 surface grinder Taiwan(Yuqing) 2 0.002mm 370mm*160mm 20 internal   and   external   grinding   machine Taiwan 2 0.002mm   21 Large mill lathe Taiwan 2 0.005mm 800mm*400mm 22 Centerless grinder China 2 0.002mm/Ra0.02   23 PUNCH FORMER Taiwan 8 0.002mm   24 Centerless grinder Taiwan 1 0.002mm   26 WEDM-HS China 7 0.01mm   27 WEDM-MS  China 1 0.005mm   28 WEDM-LS China(SSG) 3 0.002mm 350mm*550mm 29 WEDM-LS Japan( Sodick ) 3 0.002mm 350mm*550mm 30 Pore release moto China 2 0.3mm-3.0mm   31 EDM China 3 0.01mm 600mm*500mm 32 CNC-EDM Taiwan 1 0.005mm 600mm*500mm 44 Laser cutting plotter China 1     45 double surface lapping machine China 1     46 ultrasonic cleaning line China 2