High Speed CNC Milling Connector Mould Parts

High Speed CNC Milling Connector Mould Parts

Tolerance:±0.001mm, Roundness:0.001mm, Concentricity:0.002mm,
Hardness:54-60 HRC, Grinding Accuracy:0.002-0.000 mm,
Discharge Accuracy:±0.003mm, Grind Clear Anglemax:=0.02,
Discharge Anglemax=0.05, Grinding Finishra =0.13,
Discharge Finishra:=0.24-0.4, Wire Cutting FinishRa:=0.24-0.4.

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Product Details

High speed CNC milling connector mould parts


Ordinary Processing Technology

CNC lathe processing, Milling machine, Grinding machine, Vacuum heat treatment, Unintentional grinding, Surface Grinding, Internal and external grinding, Precision Grinding.


High-Speed CNC Milling Connector Mould Parts Material

As per customer’s requirements, International quality standards, We will ship to mold parts with the material certificate.

High-Speed CNC Milling Connector Mould Parts Delivery Time

4-8 working days can be shipped.

Mode of transport

International express, Such as DHL, FedEx, TNT and so on….

High-Speed CNC Milling Connector Mould Parts Packing

High-quality package is  to avoid the goods are damaged

Payment Method

The first customer cooperation, 50% deposit, Balance after Shipping inspection qualified, Long-term cooperation customers can cash on delivery or monthly end of 30 days.

High-Speed CNC Milling Connector Mould Parts Quality Assurance

100% inspection of our products, Avoid bad products send out, Once products have problems, We’ll deal with the problem and we will pay for shipping.


Why Choose Us:


1. Equipment: High Precision CNC, High-Speed Miller, Driller, EDM, EDW,

    Grinding Machine, Engraving Machine, Injection Machine.

2. we are a manufacturer, so we have the competitive price.


3. Diversified rich experienced skilled workers, so we have reliability quality


4, Design: we use the most advanced mold design software Auto CAD, UG...


5. Continuance service and support.


6. Providing plastic mold for various parts according to your requirements.


7. Our products possess the advantages of high precision long life and short cycle


With reasonable price, prompt delivery.


8. Mould design is subject to customers’ requirements.


9. Heat treatment of mold can be provided including quencher, nitridation, tempering, etc.


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