Precision EDM Spare Parts CNC Machined Components

Tolerance:±0.001mm, Roundness:0.001mm, Concentricity:0.002mm,
Hardness:54-60 HRC, Grinding Accuracy:0.002-0.000 mm,
Discharge Accuracy:±0.003mm, Grind Clear Anglemax:=0.02,
Discharge Anglemax=0.05, Grinding Finishra =0.13,
Discharge Finishra:=0.24-0.4, Wire Cutting FinishRa:=0.24-0.4.

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Product Details

Precision EDM Spare Parts CNC Machined Components

Product Parameters








54-60 HRC

Grinding Accuracy


Discharge Accuracy


Grind Clear Angle


Discharge Angle


Grinding Finish

ra   =0.13

Discharge  Finish


Wire Cutting Finish


Ordinary Processing Technology

CNC lathe processing, Milling machine, Grinding machine, Vacuum heat treatment, Unintentional grinding, Surface Grinding, Internal and external grinding, Precision Grinding.


Precision EDM Spare Parts CNC Machined Components Material

In accordance with customer requirements, Formal manufacturers quality standards, Ship to provide and agent to provide the material certificate.

Delivery Time

Under normal circumstances, four to eight working days can be shipped.

Mode of transport

DHL, FedEx, TNT and other express delivery.

Precision EDM Spare Parts CNC Machined Components Packing

Very safe packaging is  to avoid the goods are damaged

Payment Method

30% deposit, balance before shipment. Other payment terms are also negotiable.

Quality Assurance

Our products 100% Qualified by QC department to avoid bad products. Once the products have problems, We will Rework immediately, The resulting shipping costs borne by our company.


Precision EDM Spare Parts CNC Machined Components Order Process

Send your drawing to us for an offer.

We send you the quotation.

Confirm the quotation and place the order.

Make payment to us or pay the deposit.

Arrange to produce the mold parts.

Why Choose Us:

a. We have more than fifty years manufacturing experience, Professional technical team, Number of employees 50 to 80 people.

b. Reasonable price and nice service suitable for long-term cooperation.

c. Export experienced help customers save shipping costs and time.

d. Quality assurance, Specially designed high precision mold parts, As per drawing customized according to drawings.

e. Well equipped, the One-stop solution to product processing problems.


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