Process EDM Wire Of SKD11 Material

Process EDM Wire Of SKD11 Material

SKD11 Tool Steel is used in the making of knife-edge mold, scissors, circular saw blades, metal stamping mold. Used to make cold work or hot work dressing dies, sides of rollers, screw lines, lines dies, transformer core stamping dies, rolled knives, steel tube forming rollers, special molding rollers, screw heading molds, etc. Also used for blanking dies, stamping dies and pressing dies with a thickness ≤ 6mm. It can also be found in the production of various kinds of scissors, inlaid blades and thread rolling dies. It is also used to make wear-resistant slider cold heading dies, deep drawing molding dies, cold extrusion dies and in the making of thermosetting resin molding dies and common plastic dies.

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Product Details

Product description

Electrical discharge machining removes electrically conductive material by means of rapid and repetitive spark discharges resulting from local explosion of a dielectric liquid. The electrical discharge machining has been widely used for cutting fine blanking tools which are made of especially hard tool steels. Whereas, its thermal nature causes great concerns regarding surface integrity, which matters a lot to tool life. The surface roughness, white layer thickness and surface residual stress decrease with the increase of cutting pass. Compared to others, more pinholes and slightly larger craters were produced and the micro cracks could be found on the finish trim cut surface of SKD11 sample.

Product feature

material using

imported Tungsten Carbide SKD11, SKH9, Elmax, Viking, or others


According to customer drawing


80-90 HRC


According to customer require

grinding Precision


Angle Clearness



1 set

Origin of Material

America, Japan, Sweden

Process machine

Pg optical profile grinder, EDM, wire cut, miller

Delivery date

7-10 days

Delivery type


We are in Chang`an (Mold town) China

September 14, 2005,is one day to be proud for Chang`an people,Chang`an Town won two honors at the same time: the famous town of China mechanical hardware mold accessories and one of 1000 strong towns in the aspect of comprehensive development level (that is, "Thousands strong town in China"). 


At the awarding ceremony, Tong Xing,Party Secretary of Dongguan,and Liu Zhigeng, Mayor of Dongguan,inaugurated these two national honors in public. Yang Xuetong, deputy secretary general of China Machinery Industry Federation, also came from Beijing and handed the plaque of "Famous Town" over to Chang`an Town Mayor Liang Rongye`s hands.


According to reports, in terms of China's hardware, machinery, mold parts manufacturing base, Chang`an is neither the first, nor the unique,but why Chang`an is the first to achieve this award? The reason is that Chang`an has separated from the daily hardware and plastic mold parts of the piecemeal long ago, but in the direction of the manufacturing base - mechanical hardware and mechanical mold production transformation,and become the most important mechanical hardware mold products distribution center in south China.

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